We are actively developing and expanding the platform, with a roadmap that includes upcoming releases of advanced features to further enhance the management of critical incidents.

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Contingency Planning

Keep contingency plans updated in one place and ensure immediate access.

Incident Management

Streamline incident response through real-time collaboration.

Training and Preparedness

Boost business readiness with training simulations.

Boost Business Resilience

A Proactive Approach to Critical Incidents

By having scenarios and action cards in place for all relevant critical incidents, your organization becomes a proactive force, ready to tackle challenges head-on.

Readyware is designed for strategic preparedness, aiming not for reactivity but to equip your organization with a proactive and comprehensive approach to critical incidents.

Collaboration in High-Stress Situations

Readyware is a collaboration hub designed to empower teams to maintain their focus on roles and tasks amid the intensity of ongoing situations.

By consolidating all essential information and communication in a singular platform, Readyware unifies your organization, fortifying it to confront crises with collective strength.

Learn from Experience

Every incident handled through Readyware contributes to a comprehensive database. These detailed insights hold the key to elevating your organization’s preparedness and response capabilities.

Leverage this documentation to simulate and learn from real-world challenges, to further improve your response efficiency.

Crafted for both small and large scale businesses

Whether you employ 5, 50, or 500 people, Readyware has you covered. Optimize and manage incidents of all sizes effortlessly with our scalable solution, designed to adhere to both the “precautionary” principle and to serve as a training tool.
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